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Monday, July 7, 2014

1:43 AM

How to download torrents directly from a downloader for free.

First go to and search for a file, movie, archive.....etc.
Note: You can use another torrent search engine if you want.

You might think that I'll say that you have to choose the "Download Direct" link. But no, select any torrent site I chose kikass torrent.

Now right click the "Download Torrent" button and choose Copy Link Location.

Now go to zbigz. First of all I recommend you to signup to zbigz, if you do not sign up the download link may expire while your downloading the file. So after signing up paste the link and click the "Go!" button. You may see a screen asking you want to continue free or premium, you can select whatever you want free works fine so i chose free.

Wait for the file to cache.

After cache completes click the ".zip" or download button to start the download.

Now you will be able to download the torrent file with your downloader instead of the bit torrent client.


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